The Asteroid Eros In 'The Expanse': A Review And Analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. The Role of Eros in 'The Expanse'
    1. Eros as a Strategic Location
    2. Eros as a Lethal Weapon
    3. The Science Behind Eros
  3. Eros and Real-Life Asteroids
    1. Similarities and Differences
    2. Importance of Studying Asteroids
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion
  6. Additional Resources


The asteroid Eros plays a significant role in the critically acclaimed science fiction TV series 'The Expanse.' This review and analysis will explore the portrayal of Eros in the series and its relation to real-life asteroids.

The Role of Eros in 'The Expanse'

The Expanse's Eros - A photorealistic depiction of the asteroid's textured surface, with natural lighting highlighting its prominent red markings

Eros as a Strategic Location

In 'The Expanse,' Eros is portrayed as a strategic location due to its position on the edge of the asteroid belt. This makes it an ideal spot for the mining of valuable resources. Furthermore, Eros is a hub for space travel within the series, making it a central location for various factions in the series. The importance of Eros is also emphasized through the large-scale conflict that arises when a powerful corporation gains control of the asteroid.

Eros as a Lethal Weapon

In the series, Eros is transformed into a weapon of mass destruction by a rogue faction seeking to use it as a tool to gain power. This underscores the potential danger of asteroids in real life and highlights the need for proper monitoring and defense measures.

The Science Behind Eros

'The Expanse' also pays attention to the science behind Eros. The asteroid is shown to be hollowed out and fitted with engines to alter its trajectory. This mirrors proposals for using similar techniques in real life to divert potentially hazardous asteroids from colliding with Earth.

Eros and Real-Life Asteroids

A stunning photorealistic image of asteroid Eros from The Expanse hovers in space against a black backdrop

Similarities and Differences

While 'The Expanse' takes liberties with the depiction of Eros for dramatic effect, many of the themes and concepts explored in the series are grounded in real-life asteroid science. For example, asteroids are rich in valuable metals and other resources that could be harvested for use in space travel. Asteroids can also pose potential threats to Earth, as seen in films such as 'Armageddon' and 'Deep Impact.' Moreover, organizations such as NASA have proposed using rockets and gravitational forces to manipulate the trajectories of asteroids for scientific purposes.

Importance of Studying Asteroids

The portrayal of Eros in 'The Expanse' underscores the importance of studying asteroids for both scientific and practical reasons. By learning about the composition, movement, and potential dangers of asteroids, we can better prepare for potential impacts and take advantage of their resources for future space exploration and colonization.

Frequently Asked Questions

A stunning photorealistic image of an asteroid belt in space, reminiscent of 'The Expanse'
  • Is Eros a real asteroid?

    Yes, Eros is a real-life asteroid and was the first discovered NEA (Near-Earth Asteroid).

  • Could an asteroid like Eros really be hollowed out and used as a spaceship?

    While it would be difficult to hollow out an asteroid to any significant degree, NASA and other organizations have proposed using asteroids as bases for space exploration and mining operations.

  • What are some other examples of asteroids in science fiction?

    Sol's Hammer in Larry Niven's 'Ringworld' series and the asteroid from which the alien spacecraft departs in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' are just a few examples of asteroids appearing in science fiction.

  • What are some ongoing efforts to study asteroids?

    NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission is currently studying the asteroid Bennu, and the upcoming DART mission aims to test deflection techniques for potentially hazardous asteroids.

  • What are some potential dangers posed by asteroids?

    Asteroids could collide with Earth and cause widespread damage or even mass extinction events. Additionally, asteroid mining operations could have environmental impacts on celestial bodies.


The asteroid Eros plays a significant role in 'The Expanse,' serving as a strategic location and a lethal weapon. The series' portrayal of Eros is grounded in real-life asteroid science, highlighting the importance of studying asteroids for both scientific and practical reasons. The potential dangers of asteroids cannot be ignored, but neither can their potential benefits for space exploration and resource harvesting. We encourage continued research and exploration of the fascinating world of asteroids.

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Additional Resources

A stunning photorealistic image captures Holden, Roci, and Naomi in pause, the asteroid belt sprawling out in the deep groove of space

For more information on asteroids, check out NASA's official website at and the Planetary Society's website at

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