Asteroids In 'Thunderbirds Are Go': A TV Show Analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. The Role of Asteroids in "Thunderbirds Are Go"
    1. The Threat of Asteroid Impact
    2. Asteroids as Resources
  3. The Science Behind Asteroids in "Thunderbirds Are Go"
    1. Realistic Depictions of Asteroids
    2. The Science of Asteroid Mitigation
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion
  6. Additional Resources


"Thunderbirds Are Go" is a British science-fiction television series that first aired in 2015. The show follows the adventures of the Tracy family, who operate International Rescue, a secret organization that uses advanced technology to save people in danger around the world. The use of asteroids in the show adds a unique element of danger and excitement to the rescue missions. This article will analyze how asteroids are used in "Thunderbirds Are Go" and discuss their significance in the context of the show.

The Role of Asteroids in "Thunderbirds Are Go"

A photorealistic image of a gigantic asteroid hovering above a futuristic cityscape, adorned with flying vehicles and towering skyscrapers

The Threat of Asteroid Impact

In "Thunderbirds Are Go," asteroids often pose a threat to the safety of people on Earth. In the episode "Deep Search," for example, an asteroid the size of a house is discovered hurtling towards Sydney, Australia. If the asteroid were to hit the city, it would cause widespread destruction and loss of life. International Rescue uses their advanced technology to intercept the asteroid and prevent it from hitting the Earth.

This plot point highlights the real danger that asteroids can pose to the Earth. While such events are rare, they have happened before and will happen again. By incorporating this element into the show, "Thunderbirds Are Go" raises awareness about the importance of monitoring near-Earth asteroids and developing technology to mitigate the risks they pose.

Asteroids as Resources

In addition to being a threat, asteroids are also a valuable resource in the world of "Thunderbirds Are Go." In the episode "Volcano," a mining operation on an asteroid is threatened by an eruption of nearby volcano. If the eruption is not stopped, the miners will be killed and the valuable resources on the asteroid will be lost.

This subplot highlights the potential for asteroids to be mined for valuable resources such as metals and water. In reality, mining asteroids is an area of active research and development, with companies such as Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries working towards this goal. By featuring this aspect of asteroids in the show, "Thunderbirds Are Go" educates its audience about the scientific and economic potential of asteroids.

The Science Behind Asteroids in "Thunderbirds Are Go"

A stunning 8k image of a battle between a Thunderbirds Are Go spacecraft and an asteroid

Realistic Depictions of Asteroids

"Thunderbirds Are Go" takes care to accurately depict asteroids and their physical properties. When an asteroid appears in the show, it is often shown rotating slowly to simulate the lack of gravity. The surface features of the asteroids are also carefully modeled, with craters and boulders visible on most asteroids.

These depictions are not only visually impressive, but they also add a level of scientific realism to the show. By modeling asteroids accurately, "Thunderbirds Are Go" helps to educate its audience about the real physical properties of these celestial objects.

The Science of Asteroid Mitigation

In several episodes of "Thunderbirds Are Go," International Rescue uses advanced technology to intercept and redirect asteroids. While the technology portrayed in the show is fictional, it is based on real scientific concepts and research.

For example, in the episode "Deep Search," International Rescue uses a device called a gravity tractor to deflect the incoming asteroid. A gravity tractor is a theoretical spacecraft that uses the gravitational force between itself and an asteroid to gradually alter the asteroid's trajectory. While no such spacecraft has been built yet, the concept is being actively studied by NASA and other space agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cinematic and terrifying depiction of an approaching asteroid, captured in photorealistic detail
  • Are the asteroids depicted in "Thunderbirds Are Go" realistic?

    Yes, the show takes care to accurately model the physical properties of asteroids.

  • Is asteroid mining a real concept?

    Yes, several companies are working towards developing the technology to mine asteroids for valuable resources.

  • Can asteroids really pose a threat to the Earth?

    Yes, asteroid impacts have happened before and will happen again. Monitoring near-Earth asteroids and developing technology to mitigate the risks they pose is important.

  • Is the gravity tractor a real technology?

    No, the technology is theoretical at this time, but it is being actively studied by space agencies.

  • What other TV shows feature asteroids?

    "The Expanse" and "Star Trek" are two sci-fi shows that feature asteroids prominently.


"Thunderbirds Are Go" offers a unique take on the role of asteroids in both fiction and reality. By accurately depicting the physical properties of asteroids and incorporating real scientific concepts, the show educates its audience about the science behind these celestial objects. At the same time, the use of asteroids in the show adds tension and excitement to the rescue missions of International Rescue. Overall, "Thunderbirds Are Go" demonstrates the importance of understanding and exploring asteroids in both science and storytelling.

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