The Asteroid Colony In 'Total Recall': Fact Or Fiction?

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Science fiction films have always been a source of fascination for people. They take us to worlds, far beyond our reach, and present to us the idea of what our future could be. One of the most popular science fiction movies from the 90s is 'Total Recall', starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie is set in a distant future where the Earth has become polluted, and people live in massive domed cities. One of the pivotal plot points in the movie revolves around an asteroid colony. In this article, we will explore whether the asteroid colony depicted in the movie 'Total Recall' is based on actual science.

Asteroids and Colonies

An intricate asteroid


Asteroids or minor planets are rocky objects that orbit the sun. They are primarily found in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids vary in size, ranging from tiny pebbles to massive ones like the dwarf planet Ceres.


A space colony is a self-sufficient habitat that can sustain human life in space. Such a colony would require a perfect balance of oxygen, water, and other essential resources to sustain life. Scientists and space enthusiasts have proposed several ideas for creating colonies on asteroids, the moon, and other planets.

The Asteroid Colony in Total Recall

A bustling asteroid colony, backed by vibrant lighting and diverse cultures, exudes an inviting atmosphere of technological innovation and coexistence

Setting the Scene

In the movie, the asteroid colony is depicted as a mining town located on the surface of an asteroid named 'Rekall'. The colony is full of miners who work in hazardous conditions to mine valuable minerals. The main character, Douglas Quaid, travels to the colony looking for clues to his past.

The Science Behind the Idea

The idea of colonizing asteroids has been the subject of many studies and research programs. The main reason for this is that asteroids contain an abundance of valuable minerals like iron, nickel, and platinum group metals. Mining these minerals could be vital for the future development of space travel and exploration.

Moreover, building a colony on an asteroid could be an efficient way to explore space, as it would be much cheaper to launch missions from an asteroid compared to Earth due to the weak gravity. However, there are many challenges associated with such a project, including the lack of an atmosphere, high radiation levels, and limited resources.


Nebula colony bustling with activity amidst asteroid towers, view captivating Nebula behind, leading to endless possibilities
  • Can we really mine asteroids?

    Yes. In fact, there are several private companies that have expressed interest in mining asteroids, including Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources.

  • Can we create colonies on asteroids?

    The idea has certainly been proposed, and research is ongoing. However, we are still a long way from accomplishing this dream.

  • What are the challenges of creating a colony on an asteroid?

    There are several challenges, including the lack of an atmosphere, high radiation levels, and limited resources. Scientists would need to develop new technologies to overcome these obstacles.

  • What benefits would an asteroid colony provide?

    An asteroid colony would provide us with enormous opportunities for resource extraction, scientific research, and space exploration.

  • Is 'Total Recall' an accurate depiction of asteroid colonies?

    No. The movie takes creative liberties, and the asteroid colony depicted is not based on actual science.


While 'Total Recall' takes creative liberties with its asteroid colony portrayal, the concept of colonizing asteroids is a realistic idea that has been proposed by scientists and space enthusiasts. If we can overcome the challenges associated with creating a colony on an asteroid, it could provide enormous opportunities for resource extraction, scientific research, and space exploration.

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Additional Resources

A breathtaking photorealistic image of a futuristic asteroid city, lavish with towering structures and cutting-edge technology visible

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