Dead Space' Video Game: An Examination Of Its Asteroid Setting

  1. Introduction
  2. The role of asteroids in Dead Space
    1. Dead Space plot and setting
    2. The challenges of surviving in an asteroid setting
  3. The influence of real-life asteroid science on Dead Space
    1. The science behind asteroid mining
    2. The dangers of asteroid impacts
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion
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Asteroids, being the celestial bodies that they are, have always fascinated gamers and game designers alike. As a result, many video games have been developed utilizing asteroids as a central theme, including one of the most popular horror sci-fi games of all time - Dead Space.

Dead Space is a third-person shooter survival horror video game that was first released in 2008. Developed by Visceral Games (formerly known as EA Redwood Shores) and published by Electronic Arts, the game has become a fan favorite because of its excellent gameplay and intense, thrilling storyline. What makes Dead Space even more intriguing is its use of asteroids to set up the game's premise and the unique challenges they provide to players.

The role of asteroids in Dead Space

An stunningly detailed 8k image of the asteroid field in Dead Space, with intricate textures that make you feel like you're really there

Dead Space plot and setting

Dead Space takes place in the 26th century, where humans have colonized several planets, moons, and asteroids throughout the galaxy. The game revolves around Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is sent to investigate a distress call from the planet-cracker spaceship USG Ishimura, which has been mining a massive asteroid dubbed "the planet cracker" for valuable resources.

What follows is a series of terrifying events that unfold as players explore the abandoned spaceship overrun with creepy monsters called necromorphs that can reanimate dead human tissue. Players must use their skills to fight off these creatures while navigating through the tight spaces of the Ishimura, including its asteroid mine and refinery facilities.

The challenges of surviving in an asteroid setting

Asteroids in Dead Space serve as the primary source of resources for humans in the 26th century. They are mined for precious metals, minerals, and gases, which are then used to power spaceships, create new weapons and equipment, and maintain life support systems. However, mining these asteroids is not an easy task, as they are often located in harsh, inhospitable environments.

One of the unique challenges that asteroids present in Dead Space is the lack of gravity or unstable gravity, making player movement and orientation difficult. Players must use their thrusters or magnetic boots to navigate through the maze-like corridors and tunnels of the Ishimura's asteroid mine and refinery, constantly dodging floating debris and avoiding collisions.

Another challenge is the presence of hazardous environmental conditions, such as toxic gases, extreme temperatures, and radiation. Players must take precautions by wearing hazard suits and using air filtration systems to survive in these hostile environments. Failure to do so could result in death or permanent damage to the player's health.

The influence of real-life asteroid science on Dead Space

Dead Space crew investigates a massive asteroid, its intricate surface details being studied

The science behind asteroid mining

Although Dead Space takes place in a fictional universe, the concept of mining asteroids for resources is based on real-life science. In recent years, several companies, including NASA and private space firms, have shown interest in asteroid mining as a potential source of valuable resources like platinum, gold, and rare earth metals.

Dead Space includes several references to real-life asteroid mining methods, such as drilling, blasting, and refining ores. The game also explores the challenges that miners face when working in low-gravity environments, including the difficulty of keeping mining equipment anchored to the surface.

The dangers of asteroid impacts

In addition to mining, Dead Space also addresses the possible dangers of asteroid impacts. Real-life astronomers have been tracking potentially hazardous asteroids that could pose a threat to Earth, and many efforts have been made to develop ways to deflect or redirect these incoming objects.

In Dead Space, the Ishimura's asteroid mine is threatened by a massive asteroid dubbed "the hive mind," which eventually collides with the ship, causing widespread damage and unleashing the necromorphs upon its crew.

Frequently Asked Questions

The photorealistic image depicts an asteroid with a large natural satellite in orbit, composed of jagged rocks and debris
  • How realistic is Dead Space's portrayal of asteroid mining?

    While Dead Space takes some liberties in its portrayal of asteroid mining, it does include references to real-life techniques and challenges faced in the industry. However, the inclusion of necromorphs and other horror elements is purely fictional.

  • What impact could an asteroid like the one in Dead Space have on Earth?

    An asteroid the size of "the hive mind" would cause catastrophic damage if it were to collide with Earth. Fortunately, the likelihood of such an event occurring is minimal, as astronomers have developed methods to predict, track, and deflect potentially hazardous asteroids before they reach our planet.

  • Were any real asteroids used as inspiration for Dead Space's setting?

    The developers of Dead Space have not specifically cited any asteroids as inspirations for their game. However, it is possible that they drew inspiration from real-life space missions and asteroid research conducted by organizations like NASA.

  • Are there any real-life dangers that Dead Space's asteroid setting accurately depicts?

    Yes. Some of the hazardous environmental conditions depicted in Dead Space, such as toxic gases and extreme temperatures, are real-life dangers that astronauts and miners face when working in space or on asteroids.

  • What makes Dead Space's asteroid setting unique compared to other video games featuring asteroids?

    Dead Space's asteroid setting is unique because it combines horror and sci-fi elements with real-life science. The game explores the challenges of surviving in a harsh environment while also incorporating plausible asteroid mining methods and dangers.


Dead Space is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling and horrifying video games ever made. Its use of asteroids as a central theme adds to the overall excitement and intensity of the gameplay. Furthermore, the incorporation of real-life science and asteroid research into the game's setting provides an added layer of depth and realism that fans have come to appreciate. Whether you are a fan of horror games or just fascinated by asteroids, Dead Space is a game worth playing.

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Additional Resources

A stunning photorealistic depiction of an asteroid, surrounded by vibrant nebula colors and other celestial objects

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