The Stone From Heaven: Asteroids In Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories

  1. Introduction
  2. The Creation of the World
    1. The Fire-Egg
    2. The Cosmic Serpent
    3. The Sky-Beings
  3. The Destruction of the World
    1. The Firestone
    2. The End of the World
    3. The Wrath of Baiame
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion
  6. Additional Resources


Asteroids, also known as minor planets or planetoids, have been a source of both fascination and fear throughout history. From ancient civilizations to modern times, asteroids have been viewed as harbingers of doom, messengers from the gods, and potential threats to human existence. In Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, asteroids play an important role in the creation and destruction of the world, providing valuable insight into the cultural significance of these celestial objects.

The Creation of the World

A majestic figure rises above a vast lush landscape in the primordial dawn, radiating an aura of serene power

The Fire-Egg

According to the Aranda people of Central Australia, the world was created by a fire-egg that fell from the sky. This egg contained the spirits of all living things, including humans, animals, and plants. In the beginning, the egg was surrounded by a vast ocean of water. One day, the egg hatched, and the spirits emerged, creating the world as we know it today. The shell of the egg is said to have become the sky, while the yolk became the sun.

The Cosmic Serpent

The Wagilak people of Arnhem Land in Northern Australia tell a different story of the creation of the world. According to their legend, the universe was created by a cosmic serpent named Ngalyod. This serpent traveled through the cosmos, creating the stars and planets as it went. When it reached Earth, it crashed into the ground, creating a massive crater. From this crater, life emerged, including humans.

The Sky-Beings

The Yolngu people of Arnhem Land also have a creation story involving asteroids. According to their legend, the world was created by a group of powerful Sky-Beings who traveled to Earth in a meteorite. This meteorite landed in a sacred place and split open, releasing the Sky-Beings. They then went on to create the world and all living things.

The Destruction of the World

Brooding asteroid crash landscape scarred with destruction and devastation, sending debris and smoke into the sky in picturesque devastation

The Firestone

Many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories also describe asteroids as agents of destruction. The Koori people of South-East Australia, for example, tell a story of a firestone that fell from the sky and caused a great conflagration. This firestone is said to have destroyed all vegetation and killed many animals. Humans were only able to survive by taking shelter underground.

The End of the World

Other Aboriginal Dreamtime stories describe asteroids as signs of the end of the world. The Aranda people of Central Australia believe that a great upheaval will occur when the star Aldebaran, also known as the Eye of Taurus, aligns with the asteroid belt. This alignment is said to signal the beginning of the end of the world, when the spirits will return to the sky and the Earth will be destroyed.

The Wrath of Baiame

The Wiradjuri people of New South Wales also have a story about asteroids as a harbinger of doom. According to their legend, the god Baiame became angry with humans and sent a hail of firestones to destroy them. Many people were killed, and those who survived were forced to flee underground. Only the wise men, who had foresight, were able to escape the wrath of Baiame.

Frequently Asked Questions

A breathtakingly realistic depiction of a desolate asteroid field, with a towering reddish-orange asteroid standing out in the distance
  • What are asteroids?

    Asteroids are small, rocky bodies that orbit the sun. They range in size from tiny pieces of dust to large objects several hundred kilometers across.

  • What is the asteroid belt?

    The asteroid belt is a region of the solar system between Mars and Jupiter where most of the known asteroids are located.

  • What is the likelihood of an asteroid impact on Earth?

    The chance of a large asteroid colliding with Earth is relatively low, but the consequences could be catastrophic. NASA and other space agencies are actively monitoring near-Earth asteroids and developing strategies to mitigate the risk of impact.

  • What is the cultural significance of asteroids?

    Asteroids have played important roles in the mythology and folklore of many cultures throughout history. They have been viewed as symbols of creation, destruction, and change.

  • How can we learn more about asteroids?

    There are many resources available for those interested in learning more about asteroids, including books, websites, and academic journals. NASA's Near-Earth Object Program is a good place to start.


Aboriginal Dreamtime stories offer a unique perspective on the cultural significance of asteroids. These stories highlight the way in which humans have long been fascinated with these celestial objects, viewing them as both potential sources of destruction and symbols of creation. By understanding the role that asteroids have played in different cultures throughout history, we can gain a deeper appreciation for their place in the universe.

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An awe-inspiring photorealistic image of an asteroid field with multiple asteroids labeled in red and blue

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